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Special Offers

Listone Giordano: NEL PAESE DEL ROVERE

Explore the wonderful world of the most elegant and refined French durmast with the new offer by LISTONE GIORDANO, valid until 31st December.

Please do not hesitate to contact us or to visit our showroom for any further information.

Reclaimed Cotto Tiles

Bargain prices on various batches of reclaimed cotto tiles.

Cm 22x22: 15,15 available sq.m.
Cm 24x24: 35,55 available sq.m.
Cm 23x23: 20 available sq.m.
Cm 21x21: 13 available sq.m.
Cm 32,5x32,5: 20 available sq.m.
Cm 33,5x33,5: 21 available sq.m.

Prices and samples are available at our showroom.